WSH Resources

Find WSH resources such as the OWLinks e-Newsletter, assessment tools (eg. iWorkhealth), and WSH technology. The Workplace Safety and Health Institute (WSHI) is a department within the Occupational Safety and Health Division (OSHD)

Uncovering WSH trends and risks through data. Anticipating emerging WSH issues. Developing WSH assessment tools. Partnering stakeholders in the technology ecosystem to improve WSH through industry-specific technologies.

OWLinks is a bi-monthly newsletter that provides insights on WSH developments and issues of interest. You can subscribe to OWLinks newsletter to read about emerging issues and latest news in the global WSH landscape.

Assessment tools are available based on research studies conducted by the WSH Institute in collaboration with its partners. Find out more on the available tools for use at workplaces.

WSH Technologies is a key enabler to achieving the strategic outcomes in WSH 2028. It can address perennial workplace safety and health issues in your industry. You will also find links to the relevant support schemes innovation platforms and other programmed.

Past research publications based on studies that WSHI had conducted.

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